March 1st, 2012

Take it Take it to the Floor. Show ’em Show’ em how you roll…drop it drop it drop it low… (Pt 1)

My kids LOVE the movie RIO. The music, the birds and of course car-na-val!

I’m always in awe of  designers who can take a commercial theme and put a creative spin on it. With all the preprinted ,prepackaged supplies readily available at your local party supply, it can be hard to have a fresh take on your favorite characters.

And when there are no party supplies for your favorite characters…it’s REALLY hard.  So in general I just steer clear.


Around August I start thinking of a master plan for my kids’ birthdays. This year my oldest turned 5 and was very opinionated on the topic: ” Mommy I want a RIO party”.

I tried to wait him out. I’d ask every few weeks what kind of party he wanted and each time the answer was the same. ” RIO.”

I tried suggesting other themes. “How about motocycles? Soccer? You LOVE soccer.”





My son is like the Brazilian sun.

Big, bright and warm.  So,  a RIO party he would have.

The movie highlights the beauty of Brazilian carnaval with bold bright colors , thumping samba beats and vibrant imagery ,  so I chose a primary color palette as the party backdrop.

On arrival the kids were served a boxed lunch on the road to Rio.  The birthday boy loves all things that go *vroom!*  That,  coupled with the fact that the main character of the movie is a bird that never learned to fly, the vintage car lunch boxes were fitting.

There were  plenty of  colorful beverages and sandwiches for the adults.

Bouncing for the kids…


and music for all.

Check back for part 2 tomorrow!  I’ll be sharing the dessert table and some of the surprise guests.


Vendor Roll Call

Event Concept and Styling : Haute Sugar

Striped snack cups, stripey straws and kids juice bottles: Shop Sweet LuLu

Graphic Design: Geanie P and Haute Tara

Photos Courtesy of JKnauff Photos

These boy party ideas were also featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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  1. You guys are so talented! I love the bright colors and theme!