March 9th, 2011

A boy and his phone: Malcolm’s 4th Birthday Party

Somewhere between three and four years old my oldest became hyper aware of his birthday. Up until now we’d gotten off pretty easy with an over the top party every other year with quiet at home cake and ice cream celebrations filling in the years between those festivals du Malcolm.
We were especially committed to the idea of a party every other year once we had our now one year old daughter.
Eden’s birthday came and went with a fun celebration in honor of her first year. Mal had a blast and talked about it for weeks.
But then one fateful afternoon my husband and I showed up at school to pick him up. He was  waiting in his classroom excited as ever with no less than FIVE party invitations from his classmates.
I was perfectly okay with this right up to the part where Malcolm started talking about his party and which of his friends he was planning to invite.

This is where the needle scratched the record.
My feeble attempts to explain to the 4 year old master manipulator that this was not a “party year” fell on deaf ears. He already had a guestlist and possibly an outfit worked out.

And then the mommy guilt set in. I turned to my husband and announced we HAD to do a little something for him.
Just a friend … or 12.
Some cupcakes …maybe a dessert table. See the rest »

February 17th, 2011

Trendy Thursday: Cupcakes

Chocolate CupcakeWe can all agree that cupcakes are convenient. They are functional: easy to distribute, little mess andMartha Stewart Rosy Cupcake every guest gets their own little pre-packaged taste of bite-sized heaven.  They can also be a fairly inexpensive treat, but will they convey the image you wish to portray to your guests?

Martha Stewart Cupcake Tower

Once relegated to kids’ parties and grocery store shelves, cupcakes have broken out of their shell over the last few years. You can now find them everywhere from the chicest parties right next to the petit fours or at an elegant wedding styled on tiered stands. People are actually standing in lines to get a taste of gourmet cupcakes from designer shops.

Martha Stewart tiered cupcake

Cupcakes can be styled in a variety of ways to suit your desires: from buttercream and sugar designs to custom cupcake stands…the sky is the limit with cupcakes.  Should you choose cupcakes for your event, Haute Sugar can work with you to choose a design and a display to fit your theme and event.  Send us an email at when you are ready to plan you event with cupcakes or any other kind of confection!

images courtesy Martha Stewart Weddings

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