December 14th, 2011

Cirque Du Eden presents: 2! A dancing elephant sideshow. (pt. 1)

On December 10, 2009, after a particularly tumultuous year I gave birth to a teenie tiny 4lb 4oz spitfire who is a superstar in her own right. Everyday we’re treated to performances that rival Ringling Brothers’ best show. So when it came time to choose a theme for my baby girl with the larger than life personality, nothing was more fitting than pink dancing elephants.


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November 11th, 2011

Pink and Gold October Christening Reception

I seriously cannot believe that it’s been almost a year since my baby shower. My daughter, Aurora, will be a year old next month! Where has the time gone??!! It has been a roller coaster of a year adjusting to being the mother of 2, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

On a BEAUTIFUL October afternoon, Aurora was baptized and we had a lovely reception at the home of her Godparents.

We gathered for a nice meal after which we of course had a dessert table which was framed by 2 gorgeous tall floral designs and a pink letter A.

Pink and Gold Christening Table

Dessert choices adorning the table were cake, macarons, cupcakes, cookies and mini pastries.

christening collage

Guests were also treated to a champagne punch station which included a variety of fresh fruits to add to the punch.

Champagne Station

I wish I had taken a picture of the guest of honor. She slept through the entire reception! Instead, here is a photo from her Christening photo shoot.

Aurora Gabriela

Vendor Roll Call

Pink and gold cake, cupcakes, and embroidered cookies by Sabrina of Haute Sugar
Lemon and Raspberry Macarons by Pattisserie Poupon
Mini Pastries by Desserts By Gerard

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November 8th, 2011

Dessert Recon: Maison Du Ladurée

This past weekend was the first in a long time that Sabrina and I weren’t planning , baking or installing an event– so I grabbed my family and we hit the road to New York to relax a bit and spend time with family. As much as I love my in-laws, I had some other motivations for choosing a road trip to NY on my first free weekend.

A while back I read an article about the grand opening of Ladurée‘s Madison Avenue location and I could hardly contain myself.

Crispy, gooey, sweet, flavorful perfection. Mmmmmmmm.

It’s the first and only location in the United States and three months after the August grand opening, the line is still out the door and the average wait time is 25 minutes.

But soooo worth it….

We’ve discussed the delicious popularity of macarons before and we’ve used them frequently in our dessert displays. These are by far some of the best we’ve ever had.

I’ve been considering more frequent trips to see my in-laws so I can swing by on the way back home to replenish my stash ( which, by the way, is only optimal for 3 days max), but at $2.70 per macaron and the cost of gas and tolls, I’m going to attempt to master making my own.

More on that soon…

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October 31st, 2011

Happy Halloween: Eat, Drink and be Scary ( Oh and …. We’re baaaaccck!)

There’s probably nothing scarier in the blogosphere than a silent blog. So before real ghosts take up residence in our quiet ( but not abandoned) space, we wanted to share the Halloween party we put together for some of our favorite munchkins.

It was a perfect Fall day for finger food, desserts not-so-spooky fun with the little ones.

We served up some bat wings, creepy crackers,  ghoulish guac, sandwitches ( terrifying turkey and howling ham), and  slasher salad.

We washed it all down with some ” Roots on you” beer.

For the frightening finale we polished off a spider infested cake, bat cake pops, pumpkin cookies, delicious doughnuts , cupcakes and plenty of candy!

Once we got this wide eyed bunch hyped up on all those sweet treats , we sent them home with their parents before things got really scary.(<—-that’s the trick)


Happy Halloween!

Vendor Roll Call

Dangerous (but yummy)  donuts by Dough a Deer

July 13th, 2011

Say it with me 3 times fast: Bumpin’ Backyard BBQ in Balmy Baltimore

I  kicked off my summer with the big BBQ I  longed for back in March when winter had more than overstayed it’s welcome.
Warm sunny days always call for a celebration and we couldn’t think of a better time than 4th of july to gather up 70 or so good friends and family, a fantastic DJ and some ‘que.

I’m currently in love with brown kraft paper  and designed the invitation and color palette around an excuse to use these adorable brown kraft envelopes.

Since I knew some of my biggest HauteSugar fans would be in attendance, we put together a summer inspired dessert display complete with Burger cake , Strawberry shortcake sliders, Maryland crab cookies,  berry parfait cups,  cupcakes and Smores!

Had a great time with some of my favorite people. Looking forward to another great summer!

Vendor Roll Call:

Cupcake toppers by my new ETSY favorite : Parker’s Flour Patch

Shortcake sliders, cake, and crab cookies baked up by our very own Haute Sabrina :)

June 23rd, 2011

Credit where credit is due

There are times when we have to decide to delegate certain aspects of a party to professionals who are really good at their art. As much as I’d like to print every one of my custom invitation designs myself and hand cut every favor tag it’s just isn’t always possible when you consider everything that goes into executing a design and installing it for an event.

This was the case when I decided to include popcorn on the dessert table for my son’s 4th birthday party and I needed boxes to put it in. I started planning the party on 3 weeks notice and about a week before I hit Etsy in search of 20 ready to show boxes.

Bonnie at Cute Sassy Designs was kind enough to make the boxes on short notice and add black labels  identical to the iphone 4 logo I used throughout the party.

When I wrote the blog post I thought I had noted everyone who I ordered from in the whirlwind 3 weeks ( right down to the shirt on Mal’s back) but I failed to list her as a vendor. It was not intentional. She was very responsive. She executed the design with a label identical to the image I provided and everything was completed as discussed . Most importantly she worked very quickly to get me the boxes in plenty of time for the party.

If you need popcorn style favor boxes, be sure to check out her shop.

Thanks again to all of the vendors we’ve worked with– especially the ones who support our last minute requests!