March 9th, 2011

A boy and his phone: Malcolm’s 4th Birthday Party

Somewhere between three and four years old my oldest became hyper aware of his birthday. Up until now we’d gotten off pretty easy with an over the top party every other year with quiet at home cake and ice cream celebrations filling in the years between those festivals du Malcolm.
We were especially committed to the idea of a party every other year once we had our now one year old daughter.
Eden’s birthday came and went with a fun celebration in honor of her first year. Mal had a blast and talked about it for weeks.
But then one fateful afternoon my husband and I showed up at school to pick him up. He was  waiting in his classroom excited as ever with no less than FIVE party invitations from his classmates.
I was perfectly okay with this right up to the part where Malcolm started talking about his party and which of his friends he was planning to invite.

This is where the needle scratched the record.
My feeble attempts to explain to the 4 year old master manipulator that this was not a “party year” fell on deaf ears. He already had a guestlist and possibly an outfit worked out.

And then the mommy guilt set in. I turned to my husband and announced we HAD to do a little something for him.
Just a friend … or 12.
Some cupcakes …maybe a dessert table.

A few party games…. or a party bus.

So with less than 3 weeks to spare I raced home from school to put together an invitation and a party fit for a king

… or at the very least Steve Jobs.

Malcolm LOVES his iphone and his ipod touch ….and my ipad.  So naturally when I had to come up with a theme could pull off quickly this was a no brainer.

Sabrina whipped up some red velvet deliciousness in the form of an ipad box.

The dessert table also featured  Popcorn,  bluetooth jello cups, Safari animal crackers , Mac Chip meringues , white chocolate OS X pretzel rods , iphone and Apple Logo cookies.

Of course the table wasn’t complete without apple themed cupcakes for the kids.  Ipads for everyone! –ok fondant ipads.

The guests went home with DIY bubbles I first saw In a HWTM post with DIY instructions provided by Abby from Style Me Pretty.

So the boy who loves his phone got his party and all is right with the world.

Who could say no to that face? <3

Vendor Roll Call

Chocolate Chip Meringues: Linsey Confections

Iphone and Apple Logo cookies: The Cookie Jar

Fondant Cupcake Toppers: Crumby Art

Iphone Icon Buttons: Skippy Dog Designs

Mal’s custom Pinstripe tie tee: Chic Couture Boutique

Popcorn Boxes: Cute Sassy Designs

8 Responses to “A boy and his phone: Malcolm’s 4th Birthday Party”

  1. Wonderful! You did a marvelous job. I may have to steal this for a 40th birthday party for a certain someone who also loves his iPhone.

  2. Brilliant! As a mac-addict and an invitation designer, I just say it was a perfectly “engineered” party!

  3. OMG! I LOVE this party! My boys are both sitting on the couch (one with the iTouch and one with the iPad) right now playing their games!!! I think I may have to do this as one of our party themes. I’m dying to do Angry Birds too!!!! So fun!!!

  4. AWESOME party! My sons’s would have loved this theme as wll as they both have an addition to our Apple toys :)

  5. How cute & clever. iLOVE:)

  6. Soooooooo cute! My husband and I had iThurD parties for our 30th birthdays (X number of years ago) those cookies and cupcakes would have been perfect!

  7. This party is fabulous…my word!!! How will u be able to top THIS, lol?? Excellent job!

  8. This party is amazing! And exactly what my son wants for his next party… Would you be able to tell me how you made the labels for the bubbles?? Thanks so much! I’m so impressed with everything you do!